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"The installation “com post bust” is a poetic investigation in which sulfur as material and metaphor is illuminated from different perspectives. Sulfur mines were the cornerstone of the Danish trade monopoly in Iceland, as sulfur was used to make gunpowder, a crucial component of the nation-state’s warfare.

By interweaving themes such as landscape, technologies, bodies and economic power, the artist creates new poetic connections in their work to deconstruct Iceland’s neo-colonial narrative. By confronting the viewer with small sculptural details and the physicality of the material, the work achieves a transition from a macro-political to a micro-political perspective. Björnsdóttir’s works thus become visual transmission techniques and transformative tools that report on diaspora and marginal cultures, geological depths, and post-imperial human-technology-nature connections."

Installation for the exhibition Cosmofeminism. Exhibition presented in an old casion - Fortuna Wetten - Berlin, Neukölln, 14th of June - 7th of July 2019

Bryndis Bjornsdottir, Melanie Bonajo, Golden Diskó Ship, Madison Bycroft, Viviana Druga, Emmeline De Mooij, Carina Erd- mann, Shana Moulton, Tabita Rezaire, Sosa Sosa, Margreet Sweert, and Louise Trueheart. Graphics by Bella Bla. Curatorial concept by Marlena von Wedel.

The exhibition examines video art and reflects it as a toll of feminist strategies. Representatively, 11 international positions are shown to articulate specific aesthetics and themes in contemporary art. One can identify an entanglement of technology and spirituality in which online and offline are no longer regarded as separate spheres. Topics such as body positivity, health trends, self-optimisation, and alienation from nature are ventilated through the development of contemporary rituals and post-colonial healing approaches. CosmoFeminism promises a retrospective on the future course of the current feminist debate. The topic cosmos asks about origin, evolution and spirituality - it speaks of utopias.