Works > Landráð II: Unearthing (installation)

Installation for the exhibition When The Sea Looks Back (A Serpent’s Tale), Nida Art Colony, Lithuania, 16th of July-27th of August.

The Installation present in the exhibition space as a mind map of a performance in the making. After a residency, extending over the exhibition period, a performance was presented on the 26th of August. The installation consisted of a wooden palette with pieces of styrofoam tied to it and deck of cards laid on top of the palette. The palette became a stationary raft with a deck of cards referencing the act of killing time, an existential leisure activity, as the performance was in the making. The cards had an image of a black plastic stick, coming from the production lines of the salt fish industry in Iceland. The stick is used to strengthen boxes before shipped off. The stick is the only non-recyclable element in the production line of a privatised natural resource being produced itself from natural resource such as oil. The object presents a possibility to reflect on material world tied to different ecosystems and their different life and time spans in the Anthropocene. The sorcerous characteristics of the stick gives another reference point of possibilities in giving another reading into land.

Curators: Many Headed Hydra - Suza Husse and Emma Haugh