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Kapall - Solitaire

Installation for Plan B art festival taking part at Borgarnes 11th - 13th of August 2017.

The installation consisted of a video displayed on a screen played on the floor and A5 cards played out in solitaire fixed on a wall close to the screen. The video showed charcoal attempted to be sifted on a wooden sieve. The charcoal as natural resource, a metamorphosed element from nature, is here strived to be shape sifted again in a process of extraction. The video is aimed to be present a hypnotising movement of an persistent effort of extraction and utilisation of nature, opening up other reflections to approaching ecosystems. The cards on the wall had an image of a black plastic stick that comes from the production lines of a salt fish factory in Iceland. The stick is used to strengthen boxes before they are shipped off. The black plastic stick resembles charred wood and has a sorcerous feel to it. The laying of the cards are aimed to present another reading into land.